Hospital & Healthcare Facility Solutions

The Healthcare field is rapidly expanding its communication requirements to reduce costs and improve efficiency. Comtel has select product lines that address the growing needs of medical institutions.

Nurse Call Systems

Comtel is the leading systems integrator supplying Nurse Call Systems to area hospitals, medical office buildings, clinics and long term care facilities. The product line spans the entire family of Nurse Call products from very simple light systems to sophisticated centralized computer based reporting systems.

Paging and Emergency Code Blue Systems

Standard ceiling paging systems, pocket paging and zone paging are routine projects for Comtel. Code Blue Systems with annunciation at the switchboard are included in our select hospital systems capability.


Comtel knows how crucial security is in the healthcare arena, to protect both people and assets. We select from a broad range of manufacturers to design systems meeting your needs for Access Control, Video Surveillance, Alarm Detection, Emergency Phones, and Area of Refuge.  We also provide infant protection, wandering patient systems, and asset protection.

Intercom Systems

Special intercom systems with “handsfree” features and telephone interface are necessary between certain departments such as surgery, the laboratory, radiology and emergency. Comtel has a select group of intercom products that address these unique medical requirements.

Centralized and Elapsed Clock Systems

Comtel supplies both centralized clock systems for the entire building and elapsed time clocks for areas such as ICU, CCU and Emergency.

Procedure Room & Surgery Center Music Systems

The unique environment of procedure and surgery suites require specialized control panels and design for sound systems. Comtel offers a variety of solutions that allow communication and music configured to your needs.


  • We have a dedicated trainer for healthcare and hospital installations.
  • On-site training modules include:
    • Basic-users
    • Super-users
    • Administrators
    • Site engineers
  • Videos of the above are available for follow-up training.
  • We can connect your on-site engineer to a factory certification program
  • We provide “How To” guides configured for your specific product.
  • Our “Go Live Support Program includes:
    • An on-site walk-through to show your end-users how to use their equipment
    • On-going phone support