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Virtual Healthcare Solutions & Services


Healthcare as an industry is always evolving with new technologies and solutions to help provide the best quality of care to patients, while improving outcomes, costs, and efficiencies. 

Comtel Systems Technology has partnered with NESA Solutions, a software that offers healthcare systems using Epic's EMR platform an advanced technology that enables Epic's embedded virtual healthcare application. Essentially, utilizing the NESA software allows healthcare systems to deploy a virtual nurse, physician, or specialist to every bed in the hospital. 

As a healthcare technology integrator, Comtel provides virtual care solutions that integrate nurse call systems with additional A/V technology, cameras, speakers, and real-time locating systems (RTLS) for a complete virtual healthcare operation/workflow. 


We connect different technologies to provide a complete virtual healthcare experience.

Comtel offers comprehensive support to maintain system functionality, improve effectiveness, minimize downtime, and reduce expenses over time.

Our services are performed by our highly trained & knowledgable technicians to ensure all work is completed in accordance with the Comtel standard. 

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Leverage your technology to provide
seamless high quality virtual care.

We combine Real-Time Locating Systems, Nurse Call, and NESA's virtual care solutions to provide healthcare facilities with a comprehensive virtual care platform.

  • Enable Epic's embedded virtual healthcare platform
  • Use two-way audio and visual technology for patient monitoring via AI-enabled telesitting
  • Immediately notify nursing staff and security in staff duress situations
  • Trigger nurse call alerts and events
  • Automate patient and staff rounding
  • Offer virtual patient consults and discharging
  • Track staff and patients at all times
  • Create custom reports and automations
  • View multiple buildings and floors from a single dashboard
  • Initiate virtual calls and staff duress with programmable RTLS badges

Features & Capabilities


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Nurturing Health Virtually

Connect nurses remotely to increase accessibility, improve patient engagement, reduce cost, and enhance outcomes.


Expert Insights From Anywhere 

Empower patients to connect with healthcare providers from anywhere, promoting timely care, early interventions and improved outcomes.


Every Hour, Every Need

Enable clinicians to assess patient needs remotely, enhancing efficiency, and increasing patient safety and satisfaction.


Continuous Care, Uninterrupted

Deliver continuous, AI-powered monitoring to predict and prevent adverse events, optimize staffing and improve the patient experience.


Double Medication Verification

Double the Confidence, Zero the Risk

Drive greater regulatory and legal compliance while saving valuable time searching for a second nurse to verify high risk medication.

Admission, Discharge, and Transfer

Revolutionizing Patient Flow in a Virtual World

Drive efficiencies in three of the most important nurse processes, while reducing patient wait times and providing faster access to care.

Bed Turnover

Hospital Bed Preparedness

Streamline bed turnover processes to significantly reduce patient wait times and increase overall operational efficiency.

Behavior Management

Faster Response, Safer Care

Remotely monitor patient behavior to ensure real-time patient and staff safety.

Pain Assessment & Reassessment

Achieving Optimal Relief and Comfort

Enhance pain relief with prompt adjustments to pain management strategies to boost patient satisfaction and compliance.

Advanced Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) for Virtual Healthcare Management

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Asset locating, PAR level and rental equipment tracking dashboards. Alerts, asset utilization, real-time search & find produce a ROI. Reduce hoarding and over purchasing.

Staff Duress & Staff Rounding 

Staff safety enables real-time notifications of who and where assistance is needed. Automated real-time rounding status of each patient, staff that performed the rounding and time entered for rounding.


Workflow Optimization

Provide better patient experience by understanding patient door to door times, monitoring waiting times and alleviating bottlenecks.  The ability to see more patients in the same timeframe, increasing revenue.

Environmental Monitoring

Environmental Monitoring alerts you 24/7 with temperature, humidity, CO2, and DAP readings to name a few, along with providing automated compliance monitoring and corrective action logs.


& Analytics

A robust rules engine allows for unlimited alerts and escalations to be sent, while real-time and historical analytics provide detailed reports on everything from location movements, to response times and interactions.

Wander Mgmt 
& Hand Hygiene

Real-time exit or night-time wander alerts allow staff to be aware of potential harmful event throughout a facility. Understanding hand hygiene compliance rates can help lower hospital acquired infections (HAIs).

Virtual Healthcare Use Cases

Staff Duress Events

A nursing staff member in a crisis or with emergency safety concerns can simply push a button on their badge to create a notification to be displayed within the room banner being viewed by the virtual care nurse. Staff name and location can be displayed along with the ability to view the cameras and audio in the patient room, and dispatch response for immediate assistance or initiate access control remotely for lockdown procedures.

Advanced Patient Safety

Staff safety enables real-time notifications of who and where assistance is needed. With virtual hubs in each patient room, a virtual nurse can monitor multiple patients at once, and be alerted with custom notification messages and sounds configured based on priority level. For example, if a patient's bed rails are lowered, or a patient falls, pulls a cord, calls for help, etc, the nurse call system and cameras will detect this and trigger an event which immediately displays on the dashboard monitor. 

Nurse Call Events

Nurse call events for each room can be viewed within the room banner being viewed by the virtual care nurse providing a holistic view of all events happening inside of the patient room. 

Asset Tracking Events

Virtual care staff can proactively search and locate equipment that is needed prior to the nurse in the room spending time looking. Not only can the virtual staff member locate nearby equipment that is available to use, but now the nurse can focus on providing care to their patients, saving time and driving efficiencies.

Partnering with pioneers in technology

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What our clients have to say

“Comtel has certified technicians who are experts in both device installation and software programming. They also help provide great customer training and have excellent follow-through.”

MTCE Planner, Security, San Francisco General Hospital, CA, Customer

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