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The Benefits of Upgrading to Digital Signage, LED and Video Wall Displays

LITTLETON, Colo., May 21, 2019 — Beacon Communications offers video wall configurations in professional digital signage environments, including lobbies, public venues, retail stores, transportation facilities and broadcasting. We offer displays that are customized to work in outdoor and indoor settings.

Whatever your needs are, we work with the best to provide a customized solution. Our comprehensive solution portfolio includes video walls and other indoor LED solutions, as well and outdoor LED products.

Clear, bright images of Ultra-Fine pitch LED displays are our specialty. We offer direct view indoor LED displays that provide the ultimate visual experience for those standing near and far. Vibrant, colorful content can now be accessed for all of your digital signage needs. Control corporate signage in public spaces, retail outlets, and transportation markets.

Our outdoor display options offer clear images in the harshest environments. Their outstanding quality catches and captures attention of passersby. With up to 6500 nits of brightness, high contrast ratio, front-access serviceability, and IP65 protection, Beacon Communications delivers the highest performance possible for LED displays.

We work with the best tech providers in the business, leading partners with LCD displays designed specifically for video wall configurations in professional digital signage environments. Brilliantly display your brand in lobbies, public venues, retail stores, transportation facilities, and broadcasting.

Email or call 303-750-6500 to schedule a demo today.

About Beacon Communications

Beacon Communications, LLC is the industry’s leading full-service crucial communications, AV and security solutions provider. We specialize in delivering solutions with the design, sale, installation, training and service of the industry’s best electronic communication, AV and security systems. We provide support and service to a variety of buildings and institutions that require crucial communications on a daily basis. Visit Beacon Communications, LLC Media Contact: Dez King, Marketing Specialist 719-355-9261



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