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NESA Solutions

Redefining Healthcare Through Virtual Solutions

Virtual Solutions for Healthcare Facilities

As healthcare organizations are increasingly challenged to deliver better and more personalized care, to more patients, more efficiently, all with increasingly limited resources, leveraging proven virtual care solutions becomes a critical way to bridge the divide.

OptiKal™ – NESA’s revolutionary virtual care solution, which is embedded into Epic to enable its Epic Monitor (ECAL/CAL) – integrates audio, two-way video, dynamic workflows, artificial intelligence and machine learning, and advanced analytics & reporting capabilities into a single, unified platform to enable healthcare organizations to extend their reach with exponentially greater speed, precision, effectiveness and efficiency in delivering comprehensive patient care.

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OptiKal™ AI is a groundbreaking AI and computer vision technology that is poised to revolutionize healthcare. It can perceive different elements, recognize them, analyze them, and enable caregivers to act upon them in real-time, all within a single virtual care platform. And best of all – it’s embedded within Epic to power ECAL/CAL!

Advanced with AI

Trainable analytics that will alarm upon a specific patient behavior, movement or pose.

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OptiKal™ AI is seamlessly embedded within Epic’s virtual care platform, enhancing it with cutting-edge AI capabilities including computer vision and rigorously trained clinical models.


By incorporating these AI enhancements directly into virtual workflows within the clinical setting, healthcare organizations can increase patient safety, improve clinical outcomes, enhance user experience, and optimize overall operational performance.

How NESA can enhance efficiency, safety, and security in your facility?

  • Seamlessly monitor patients remotely, in real time, with two-way video and audio accessibility

  • Receive and manage custom configured nurse call events and notifications for 

  • Custom configure alerts and notifications for events such as 

  • Using cameras, audio and sensors to receive nurse call events, alerts, and reports to the dashboard (bi-directional data syncing and notifications and touch modules to receive and push nurse call events including RTLS for staff duress, infant protection, fall prevention, physical activity, pull cords, IV status, and asset tracking 

  • Use existing infrastructure with NESA to enable cameras, speakers, RTLS, and nurse call systems for a complete virtual healthcare solution.

  • Allow healthcare professionals/virtual nurses to see and talk to patients remotely, provide shorter response times, simplify discharge and consult processes/operations, access specialists quickly and send custom configured notifications based on events such as IV status, rail status, code alerts, staff duress, activity detection, fall prevention, infant protection, secure access control, pull cords to multiple receivers including digital white boards, dashboards, wireless call systems, nurse call systems. 

The OptiKal™ AI two-way video and audio mobile cart represents a revolutionary solution for diverse clinical workflows, enabling remote communication and assessment of patients from virtually anywhere.


Featuring an advanced 360° pan/tilt/zoom camera, this mobile cart grants healthcare providers complete control over the patient's view, ensuring a detailed and clear assessment that rivals an in-person visit. Simultaneously, providers can access and review the patient's medical records, fostering comprehensive virtual care delivery.


The primary goal of this innovative technology is to enhance patient care quality, streamline workflows, and contribute to cost savings within the healthcare organization, making it an invaluable asset for modern healthcare facilities.

OptiKal Configuration

Allows administrators to configure and customize their application environment. The user interface can be customized to enable a more user friendly, intuitive experience that drives greater efficiency.

OptiKal™ AI Multiview.png

OptiKal Multiview

Displayed within Epic Monitor, the multiview combines computer vision cameras with trainable analytics and predictive patient alert levels, enabling clinicians to anticipate and proactively respond to adverse situations such as falls, duress, etc., exponentially improving patient and staff safety.

Event Notification Center.png

Event Notification Center

Delivers a comprehensive overview of ongoing events and alerts, empowering administrators to effectively manage and monitor various aspects of patient care in real-time.

Customizable Dashboards.png

Customizable Dashboards

Efficiently monitor events based on specific reports and criteria with customizable dashboards, allowing a personalized and adaptable interface for an enhanced user-experience.

Dynamic AI Workflows.png

Dynamic AI Workflows

Unlock the full power of OptiKal™, by creating and threading customizable business rules in which automated actions occur when predefined conditions are triggered, to dynamically replicate and automate real-world manual workflows.

Interoperable with IoT devices, and send commands to devices or other systems based on workflow business rules, to unlock all kind of unique possibilities.

Reporting & Analytics.png

Reporting and Analytics

Visualize, report on, and analyze real-time data, providing enriched information to help users better understand trends and patterns of behavior and, ultimately, to make better business decisions.

What sets us apart

Our People

Comtel is a family owned and operated business that values its employees. This is evidenced by the many employees that have been with the company for over 25 years.

Our average length of employment is 7+years. This is because our employees appreciate the way we run our business, and the reputation we have in the industry.

Our Competence

Comtel hires bright, talented people with a variety of skill sets and values people who can think on their feet.

Our technicians, engineers and sales specialists attend factory training on the product lines we carry and continually work to improve their knowledge base and skills.

This is reflected in the long-term relationships we have with our customers. Because of employees who have been with us for years, we also have a unique knowledge of our customers—their history and their needs.

Our Capabilities

Comtel is a technical organization, second to none, providing design, installation, training and on-going maintenance for your electronic systems.

As a factory-trained, authorized distributor for major manufacturers, we offer you a full complement of state-of-the-art industrial electronics equipment to assure your needs are met from pre-construction into the warranty phase and throughout the useful life of the system.

Comtel specializes in highly sophisticated electronics systems with architecture based on products built by the best manufacturers in the industry resulting in unparalleled capability, versatility and reliability to meet your needs, whatever they may be.

What our clients have to say

“We rely on Beacon on an ongoing and recurring basis. There are multi-year projects, a consistent need to update and upgrade systems, and small enhancements that need to be made. There’s always something for Beacon to be pushing forward with.”

Senior Application Analyst, Health Partner, MN, Customer


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