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Telecenter U Announces New Innovative Components for Safety

LITTLETON, Colo., May 14, 2019 — Telecenter U or TCU has a lot of new and exciting components that we can’t wait to show you. A few of these components include small message boards; large message boards; status lights; and a speaker message board with flush mount and surface mount backbox options; panic buttons; and more. For this reason, Beacon Communications is offering FREE product demonstrations.

With safety at the forefront for all communities, Beacon Communications is working closely with our partners to provide state of the art solutions that are based upon your needs.

Telecenter U Status Light: Provide Immediate Visual Status to First Responders in Emergency Situations Small and Large Message Boards: Display emergency instructions to enhance student and staff response Message Board & 8″ Speaker Baffle Assembly: Excellent Audio Quality broadcasts critical communications

Recent news reports highlight the need to evaluate your efforts to help keep students, teachers and staff safe. We can provide solutions that can help improve your crisis response.

Every school should have the ability to quickly initiate a lockdown without needing to log in to a web interface. Telecenter U panic buttons can be installed in numerous locations (offices, gymnasiums, cafeterias, auditoriums, and more).

Instantly notify the front desk, begin lockdowns with panic buttons, and initiate pre-programmed communications. Let us show you how! Beacon Communications is now offering FREE product demonstrations of our message boards. Email or call 303-750-6500 to schedule your product demonstration.

About Beacon Communications

Beacon Communications, LLC is the industry’s leading full-service crucial communications, AV and security solutions provider. We specialize in delivering solutions with the design, sale, installation, training and service of the industry’s best electronic communication, AV and security systems. We provide support and service to a variety of buildings and institutions that require crucial communications on a daily basis. Visit Beacon Communications, LLC Media Contact: Dez King, Marketing Specialist 719-355-9261

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