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Healthcare Solutions for Better Integration Across Systems and Teams

Originally written by and Brad Walsh, Beacon Communications CEO, on November 29, 2018

"Solutions functioning at the enterprise level are becoming more critical than ever in the healthcare community," says Brad Walsh, President and CEO of Beacon Communications. "We're seeing IDN mergers at a tremendous rate and as these providers continue to grow, it's extremely important that the technologies they use are scalable." Beacon Communications is set to launch its new enterprise platform through its partnership with Rauland. "Interoperability is a key driver when bringing new technology into a healthcare facility. Our solutions are carefully customized to integrate with other systems in a working facility," adds Walsh.

Beacon Communications was conceived as a family owned and operated business. Nearly two decades after its launch, Beacon augmented its capabilities through its internal expertise and with the help of partner networks. Its fervor to upgrade its capabilities for delivering impactful solutions for customers has helped strengthen its base in the healthcare and communication technology. "Over the years we've continued to grow our service area, expanded into eight states offering full-service crucial communications, AV, and security solutions," beams Walsh.

Beacon Communication offers high quality solutions in clinical workflow, mobile technology, fall prevention, egress control, multimedia and video surveillance. The solutions help doctors, nurses, patients and others stay connected so that in crucial times, every stakeholder is aware of what is going and act accordingly. The solutions offered by Beacon Communications resonates with the requirements for many organizations in the healthcare industry. Instant communication and accurate reporting are essential for most organizations to mitigate emergency situations. "There is recurrent need to keep the entire team informed about the situation and allow them to act expeditiously in non-emergent and emergent situations," says Walsh. Also, businesses are always on the lookout for strategies to improve workflow efficiency and curb costs in materials and labor. "Beacon is always striving to work to aid clients in maximizing investments in all areas for increased safety, reduced operation cost and higher profitability," he adds.

Recently, Beacon Communications aided its customer, Rocky Mountain Regional VA Medical Center in Colorado. The medical facility's new 1.2 million square foot campus had spent nearly five years in the making. The facility had research facilities, diagnostic and treatment buildings and rich building infrastructure. Beacon Communications contributed over 35,000 recorded man hours on the project, a large undertaking.

Beacon's scope of work included the BiAmp Vocia Distributed Audio System and the Rauland-Borg Responder 5 Nurse Call System, integrated, and easy-to-use communication and audio solution. These systems help provide the best possible patient care despite the size and geography of the facility. Beacon Communication leveraged the qualities and expertise of its experienced implementation and leadership team to display how well the firm is equipped when it comes job control on all levels.

Beacon Communication's teams drive to define new ways to improve communication and safety has helped the company chart a niche in the industry. "Our attention to detail and the ability to install and maintain mission critical systems have also brought us great success in the government, commercial and education space," says Walsh. "We are excited to roll out Rauland's new enterprise platform to our clients very soon, this platform will greatly assist with the workflow standardization effort, increased efficiency, and real time reporting.



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