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Beacon Communications LLC Announces Strategic Partnership with HCI TV

Crucial Communications Provider Partners with HCI to offer exclusive interactive display solutions to healthcare facilities

ENGLEWOOD, Colorado—March 23, 2020 Beacon Communications, a leader in full-service crucial communications in healthcare for over 20 years, today announced the expansion of its product lines through a strategic partnership with HCI.

The partnership with HCI, the industry’s leading patient engagement solutions provider in the healthcare industry, will allow Beacon Communications to offer exclusive product lines into Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. Together, the two companies will work to design, implement and support integrated, enterprise-wide technical solutions in the Healthcare industry.

“Over the past 20 years, we’ve been able to meet and exceed the expectations of our tremendous client base thanks to our exceptional staff, premium customer service and by leveraging our enhanced capabilities through our business partners”, says Brad Walsh, President of Beacon Communications. “Now we have the opportunity to raise our level of quality and expertise with new products from HCI, which is really exciting.”

“Our partnership with Beacon Communications represents a milestone in healthcare communications solutions”, stated Ron Nelson, Executive Vice President of HCI. “We’re excited to partner with Beacon as an integral part of their product lines to support the patient, family and clinician experience through a full suite of patient engagement, education and entertainment technologies.” Richard Schramm, HCI’s Chief Technology Officer, echoes those sentiments. “As we continue to lead innovation this emerging market, Beacon Communications will bring groundbreaking capabilities to their customers and the patients they serve.”

About Beacon Communications

Beacon Communications, LLC is the industry’s leading full-service crucial communications, AV and security solutions provider. We specialize in delivering solutions with the design, sale, installation, training and service of the industry’s best electronic communication, AV and security systems. We focus on helping companies in Healthcare, Government Municipalities, Education, and Commercial Real Estate operate more efficiently, cost-effectively, and safely. We provide support and service to a variety of buildings and institutions that require crucial communications on a daily basis. For more information, visit

About HCI TV

HCI TV has been building patient engagement and entertainment systems for more than forty years and is the leading patient engagement solutions provider in the industry. At our core, we are innovators. We genuinely believe that innovative approaches to common healthcare dilemmas will create happier patients, financially viable healthcare providers and ultimately, healthier communities. For more information, visit

View the official release HERE

Beacon Communications, LLC Media Contact: Dez King, Marketing Specialist 719-355-9261



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