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Acoustics in the Halls of Justice

ENGLEWOOD, Colo., July 18, 2019 — Beacon Communications works with a wide variety of projects on a daily basis: projects ranging from new construction and renovation to mechanical noise and theatre acoustics. Beacon is skilled at gaining a detailed understanding of the end goals specific to the user so that we can create the best solutions. Beacon is your go-to expert in the uses and functions of the buildings that we help to design.

Each facility has its own set of acoustic demands. In courtrooms, for example, a priority is the need for speech privacy and intelligibility. Poor courtroom acoustics are certainly not a new issue, but the solutions available today are new and being utilized every day. Speech privacy in the courtroom, jury room, and council room is key. Sound masking is one solution.

In courtrooms where there are complex messages being conveyed and unfamiliar words being delivered, speech intelligibility is critical. Excellent speech intelligibility can be obtained by making sure that background noise levels remain low, limiting echo conditions, lowering reverberation time, and choosing quality audio equipment. All of these actions will also help to accommodate AV and recording systems.

There is a need to architecturally support speech at the bench, and deaden sound in the gallery. While the courtroom as a whole is one singular volume, we can manipulate aspects in order to support speech in one and lower reverberation in the other.

To learn more about Sound Masking and other AV and Recording System Solutions, call 303-750-6500.

About Beacon Communications

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