Comtel is a full systems integrator, functioning as your advisor as well as your installer to satisfy your security system requirements. Comtel’s trained professionals recommend and design your system,  engineering it to meet your requirements for functionality.
Security is becoming more and more critical in this information age and at a time where corporate secrets and company assets are walking out the door you want the best protection available.  We specialize in solutions to protect both people and assets.

Access Control

We handle a variety of products to address the individual needs of each company we deal with. Consideration is given to such factors as card technology, expected growth during the life of the system and features unique to individual company needs. Comtel employees perform the installation giving us greater control over the quality of installation and the long term reliability you can expect from your system.

Video Surveillance

Comtel selects products from a wide range of manufacturers to design systems that provide the surveillance requirements of each customer. We design and install our systems using both coax and network infrastucture cable. We can provide simple viewing/monitoring stations or sophisticated computer based command centers.

Alarm Detection

Whether it be a panic button under a desk or an intrusion alarm, Comtel has the products and expertise to design the right solution for you.

Emergency Phones and Area of Refuge

Comtel understands the growing needs for emergency phones in parking areas and area of refuge systems in stairwells.  We have the products and epertise to design the right solution for you


We provide training for all our security products. Our training modules target the following user groups:

  • Basic-users
  • Super-users
  • Administrators
  • Site Engineers