Education Solutions

Comtel is a major provider of school communication systems in Northern California. We provide a wide selection of integrated as well as stand alone systems.

Telephone Systems

We provide digital PBX and electronic key systems which support ISDN and T1 spans for application to individual school and district office locations. Our telephone system products include a digital voice mail option. We provide a standard interface to local paging systems as well.


Comtel will provide a stand alone or integrated intercom system based on the individual school requirements. Options for integration include clock systems, telephone systems, and security systems.

Paging and Emergency Announcement Systems

Standard ceiling paging systems, pocket paging and zone paging are routine projects for Comtel. Emergency Systems with annunciation at the switchboard are included in our select systems capability.


Comtel selects from a broad range of manufacturers to design systems meeting your needs for Access Control, Video Surveillance, Alarm Detection, and Visitor Management.

Centralized Clock and Bell Systems

Comtel supplies centralized clock and bell systems for the entire campus.


  • We have a dedicated trainer for educational installations.
  • On-site training modules include:
    • Basic-users
    • Super-users
    • Administrators
    • Site engineers
  • Videos of the above are available for follow-up training.
  • We can connect your on-site engineer to a factory certification program
  • We provide “How To” guides configured for your specific product.
  • Our “Go Live Support Program includes:
    • An on-site walk-through to show your end-users how to use their equipment
    • On-going phone support