Project Management

Comtel has a Project Management Team that’s only focus is to manage your project. Regardless of the project size a dedicated project manager will be assigned to your project.  Whether your project is a small card readers add, a pull cord addition or new facilities with multiple system requirements a dedicated manager is assigned.

Our projects range from small thousand dollar projects to large multi-million dollar projects.  Regardless of the project size Comtel has the project management staff and installation team to complete the project successfully.  Our installation team is one of the largest pools of resources in Northern California directly employed by Comtel. 

The length of employment of our staff only adds to the value we bring to the table.  Our project managers and installation technicians know our clients buildings and their specific needs continuing to deliver successful system deployments.

Each and every day a scheduling meeting occurs to discuss installation urgency and planning of resources to ensure satisfied customers and timely deployment.