Why Use Us

Every one of the following makes a critical difference to the success of YOUR project and the satisfaction of your experience. >> See why you want us on your project!
You get a project manager and a project plan -- no matter how big or small your project is. We brainstorm with you the perfect solution.
We don’t third-party out our work. We build turn-key projects, from pre-construction all the way through the warranty phase and the useful life of the system.
You won’t have a rookie on your job. > Comtel has been serving the Northern California area for over 25 years. > Our average length of employment is 7+years. Many employees have been with us over 20 years.
Each of our clients has a dedicated sales rep following their needs. Your sales rep is a specialist, attending factory training on all our product lines.
We have dedicated product specialists. > They are factory trained, authorized experts on the latest technology. > They will custom configure your equipment for optimal use. > They can train your staff.
Many providers use outside engineering consultants to review system and equipment designs. We prefer to use our own large and experienced staff. They review your designs and also work alongside your own electrical consultants, when necessary, to provide a good fit between tools, systems, and facility.
All our installers are electronic technicians who attend manufacturer training schools to learn the latest and most reliable installation procedures. We are signatory to an IBEW agreement with Santa Clara County Local 332.
We will train you so you get a BETTER RETURN ON YOUR INVESTMENT. > Hands-on Training > Go-Live Supports > “How To” Guides > Video Documentation
We have one of the largest and best trained service and maintenance teams in the field. > Our service vans are outfitted with an inventory of replacement parts. > Our team is available to you via a telephone paging system that you can activate with a simple telephone call.
Comtel prefers preventative maintenance to emergency repair. > If you are on one of our maintenance contracts, we make an average of four equipment and system inspections per year. > If you want more flexibility, we will provide you with service and repair on an hourly or on-demand basis.
Emergencies don’t just happen during business hours. We provide you 24X7 call service, 365 days a year.